Add value limits to cells in uitable

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David K
David K on 27 Mar 2020
Commented: Navya Seelam on 1 Apr 2020
I am creating a GUI using the App Designer (2019b). One of the nice features for NumericEditField is that you can define value limits so that users can't enter a value outside the desired range. I also have a uitable object in my GUI - is it possible to set value limits for cells in the data table, like with the edit fields? I didn't see a property that was obviously equivalent. My best thought for a workaround is to edit the CellEditCallback to manually check the values every time one is changed.
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Navya Seelam
Navya Seelam on 1 Apr 2020
Currently we don't support limit feature for table cells. I have brought this issue to the concerned people and it might be considered in any future release.

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