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I am running ubuntu 19.10 after a failed install in windows 10. MatLab installed fine, but when I click to open the application it doesn't launch. I went through the support and did all suggested sudo command lines.

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Edward Joung
Edward Joung on 20 Mar 2020
In the adventure of attempting to install and use MatLab 2020a on windows 10, I tried and failed the install process. Then on, I jumped ship to ubuntu 19.10 and I managed to successfully download and install the applicatoin MatLab 2020a, but when I installed the application through the ubuntu store and went through the process, the application failed to start.
After the application failed to start I went through scowering the internet for a solution.
cd ~/.matlab
sudo chown [yourusername]:[yourusername] ~/.matlab
I've tried it, but It did not allow me to start the application. It straight up doesn't want to start.


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