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How to call Xyce from MATLAB?

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I used serial Xyce in windows. And I could call the xyce function from matlab by using this
system('Xyce ~/Xyce/build/circuitfile.cir');
But, what is the analogy of that in Ubuntu?
PS: I used to call matlab.exe in cygwin while using windows and then matlab calls this function
system('Xyce ~/Xyce/build/circuitfile.cir');
in my project in the computing segment.
Also, how can I set the number of cores to be used in parallel xyce?
Xyce is an electronic simulator whose source code is available here.


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Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Mar 2020
The command would probably be the same as long as Xyce was in a directory that is on your shell path.
Note that most of your shell initializations are not run when MATLAB invokes a shell, because the invoked shell is not interactive.


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