How do I access content of Simulink.ProfileData in R2015b

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Marius Mueller
Marius Mueller on 9 Mar 2020
Hi community,
I want to use the simulink profile option to evaluate the effect of different model settings on model update/compile and simulation speed. I run around 100 simulations to test different settings and I want to compare the results.
My problem is that i do not know how to access the content of Simulink.ProfileData objects via command line. Neither the documentation nor the class/metaclass information was of any help to me.
myModel = 'testModel';
I am aware that I can generate the full report with
load 'myProfileResult.mat'
but what I want is to access the content of the ProfileData object.
Could anyone provide me with an idea on how to access e.g. the 'Total recorded time' that is displayed in the report?
Kind regards,

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