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Verbosity argument issue with Simulink external mode

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I tried to use Simulink external mode to run my model with ROS target device and got the error:"Verbosity argument must be a real, scalar, integer value in the range: [0-1] " (please see the error in attached screenshot). The model has no issue with run in Simulink normal mode or deploy to ROS Hardware (build or code generatation).
Does anyone have similar issue or solution to it?
Thanks in advance!
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john on 13 Nov 2023
hello, i have the same problem. do you sovle this issue? could you offer some advices for me, thank you.

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Answers (1)

Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 4 Mar 2020
Follow these steps to resolve the error:
1. Go to configuration parameters -> Code Generation -> Real-time Windows Target
2. Under external mode options, make sure that the argument values for MEX-file arguments are real, scalar or integer value in the range [0-1].
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Longwen Qin
Longwen Qin on 4 Mar 2020
Hello Roshni,
Thanks for your reply.
There is no "Real-time Windows Target" option (please see screenshot) under Code Generationin my simulink version (matlab 2018b), and I do have MEX-file arguments under External mode configuration, but when I selected the Harware board in Harware implementation, arguments is by default set to empty and is not changable.

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