number of element are not equal

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Hi all; I am trying to predict the output of solar module by using the code below:
% Va = module operating voltage (V)
% Ia = module operating current (A)
VOC=21; %open circuit voltage (V)
ISC=7.7; %short circuit current (A)
VM1=16.9; %reference voltage for maximum power
IM1=7.1; %reference current for maximum power
T1=298; %reference temperature (K)
G1=1000; %reference irradiance (W/m^2)
NS=36; %number of cells per module
AM0=0.974; %area of one module (m^2)
mi=0.0025; %temperature coefficient for short circuit current (A/K)
EG=1.124; %energy gap (eV)
A=1.3; %ideality factor
k=1.38*10^-23; %Boltzmann's constant (J/K)
q=1.6*10^-19; %charge of electron (C)
n=1.2; % diode quality factor
h=VOC/1000; %setting increment
Va=0:h:VOC; %range of I with increment h
%-----------input variable-----------
TaC=input('Temprature (C): '); % ambiant temperature (c)
G=input('Irradiance (W/m2): '); % solar irradiance (W/m2)
TaK=273+TaC; % ambiant temperature Kelvin
IL_T1 = ISC * (G/G1); % Ecuacion (3)
IL = IL_T1 + mi*(TaK - T1); % Ecuacion (2)
I0_T1=ISC/(exp(q*VOC/(n*k*T1))-1); % reference saturation current
I0= I0_T1*(TaK/T1).^(3/n).*exp(-q*EG/(n*k).*((1./TaK)-(1/T1))); % saturation current
Xv = I0_T1*q/(n*k*T1) * exp(q*VOC/(n*k*T1)); % Ecuacion (8)
dVdI_Voc = - 1.15/NS / 2; % dV / dI at Voc
Rs = - dVdI_Voc - 1/Xv; % Ecuacion (7)
VT = A * k * TaK / q; % Thermal voltage (V)
Vc = Va/NS; % Cell voltage [Va is the output voltage]
N=length(Va); %number of data points
Ia(N)=0; %setting final value of V
for i=1:(N-1)
Ia(i) = Ia - (IL - Ia - I0.*( exp((Vc(i)+Ia.*Rs)./VT) -1))/(-1 - (I0.*( exp((Vc(i)+Ia.*Rs)./VT) -1)).*Rs./VT);
figure (1)
plot (Va,Ia), xlabel('Voltage (V)'), ylabel('Current (A)');
but I get this error:
??? In an assignment A(I) = B, the number of elements in B and I must be the same.
how to overcome this error ??? please advice.. thanks

Accepted Answer

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 15 Oct 2012
Edited: Azzi Abdelmalek on 15 Oct 2012
use * instead of .* , the problem is in your last for loop
for i=1:(N-1)
Ia(i) = Ia - (IL - Ia - I0.*( exp((Vc(i)+Ia.*Rs)./VT) -1))/(-1 - (I0.*( exp((Vc(i)+Ia.*Rs)./VT) -1)).*Rs./VT);
also you set Ia(N), i=N-1:-1:1 was expected
corrected code
for i=N-1:-1:1
Ia(i) = Ia(i+1) - (IL - Ia(i+1) - I0*( exp((Vc(i)+Ia(i+1)*Rs)/VT) -1))/(-1 - (I0*( exp((Vc(i)+Ia(i+1)*Rs)/VT) -1))*Rs/VT);
Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 15 Oct 2012
so do suggested to set : i = 1:N ?
Samer Husam
Samer Husam on 15 Oct 2012
its really works... thanks

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