AirSim Image data processing in Simulink

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deelaka dheeraratne
deelaka dheeraratne on 28 Feb 2020
Commented: Akash K on 29 Jul 2020
I’m trying to do an autonomous landing exercise using Airsim and Simulink (connected via a ROS network). I have set up the environment and have managed to get image data to MATLAB using a script. However, when I do this in MATLAB, I do get an image with colours inverted. (orange goes to blue etc which is not an issue for me right now). When I try to do it in Simulink using ROS subscriber, Read Image and Video Viewer blocks the image turns out to be black. I’m looking at an image of 240H x 320W and the image topic does give out 240x320x3=230400 to match the RGB image. When I took the data directly from the subscriber block in Simulink only 128 data points are given. I need to convert the image given by Airsim to a HxWx3 array so it can be processed by my target detecting algorithm. Has anyone come across this issue? Or is there a better way to do it? Please help
This is the Python API used to get the image:
import setup_path
import airsim
import rospy
# ROS Image message
from sensor_msgs.msg import Image
def airpub():
pub = rospy.Publisher("airsim/image_raw", Image, queue_size=1)
rospy.init_node('image_raw', anonymous=True)
rate = rospy.Rate(10) # 10hz
# connect to the AirSim simulator
client = airsim.MultirotorClient()
while not rospy.is_shutdown()
responses = client.simGetImages([
airsim.ImageRequest("0", airsim.ImageType.Scene,False,False)]) #scene vision image in uncompressed RGB array
response = responses[0]
for response in responses:
img_rgb_string = response.image_data_uint8
# Populate image message
msg.header.stamp =
msg.header.frame_id = "frameId"
msg.encoding = "rgb8"
msg.height = 240 # resolution should match values in settings.json
msg.width = 320 = img_rgb_string
msg.is_bigendian = 0
msg.step = msg.width * 1
# log time and size of published image
# publish image message
# sleep until next cycle
if __name__ == '__main__':
except rospy.ROSInterruptException:
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Akash K
Akash K on 29 Jul 2020
Try using reshape(H, W, 3, 'uint8') function foe a 3 channel RGB array

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