Why is 'print' creating a csv file?

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I'm trying to save a plot as a high dpi png, however, matlab keeps svaing the output as a csv. Why is this? My code is as follows:
% Plots spectrum from E4407B Spectrum Analyser
filetoopen = '400kbps_10db_0,096k_spectrum.CSV';
% Workings
close all;
datafromfile = csvread(filetoopen, 15, 0);
freq = datafromfile(:,1);
power = datafromfile(:,2);
axisMHz = freq .* 0.000001;
filenamecomma = regexprep(filetoopen, '_', ' ');
filename = regexprep(filenamecomma, ',', '.');
expression = '(^|[\. ])\s*.';
replace = '${upper($0)}';
filename = regexprep(filename,expression,replace);
filename = newStr(1:end-4);
plot(axisMHz, power);
xlabel('Frequency (MHz)');
ylabel('Power (dBm)');
print(gcf, filenamecomma, '-dpng', '-r300');
I've also included an example data file. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 26 Feb 2020
Perhaps because you’re telling it to?
Running these lines:
filetoopen = '400kbps_10db_0,096k_spectrum.CSV';
filenamecomma = regexprep(filetoopen, '_', ' ')
filenamecomma =
'400kbps 10db 0,096k spectrum.CSV'
which is what print is saving to:
print(gcf, filenamecomma, '-dpng', '-r300');
Mystery solved!
Star Strider
Star Strider on 26 Feb 2020
As always, my pleasure!
This is likely easier and more robust:
filetoopen = '400kbps_10db_0,096k_spectrum.CSV';
[~,filenamecommatosave,~] = fileparts(filetoopen);
filenamecommatosave =

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