How to add arrow to a line (like quiver)

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Consider I have a smple line. I want to add arrow (for example 4 arrows to this line) and show it in plot. Is it possible?
x = [0,1,2,3];
y=[ 4,4,4,4]

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 28 Feb 2020
You may add marker ‘>’ to your plot. The below command plots the line with markers.
If you specify only a marker symbol without a line style (as shown below), then plot displays only the markers with no line connecting them
You may refer the following documentation to add markers
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Brent F
Brent F on 22 Jun 2021
This does not draw an arrowhead pointing in the direction of the line. It only adds a right-pointing triangle symbol marker at each datapoint.

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