How to save a callback function

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Sylvain on 24 Feb 2020
Commented: Adam on 24 Feb 2020
I need to save a datacursormode callback function, as a local variable (at least the syntax) . The argument of this function is my object
I am updating an object and then passing the saved function and the updated object in my datacusrormode UpdateFcn.
How to do it ? I tried the func2str and str2func without success.
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Adam on 24 Feb 2020
It would help if you showed some relevant part of code for your problem as I'm not really sure I understand what it is you are wanting to do. You can save a callback as a function handle simply by doing something like this:
f = @myCallbackFcn;
where myCallbackFcn is defined somewhere as:
function myCallbackFcn( ~, eventObj )
You can also use an anonymous function if you wish to pass in more arguments than the default mandatory ones for that callback.

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