how to find curve fit for my plot?

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I have this plot in which I have plotted signal intensity vs time, but my plot does not look how it is supposed to (fig 2) instead it looks like fig 1.
so what I want to do is to find a function by curve fitting the points that I have already and then plotting the remaining points in the function to complete the curve. Ive tried using the cftool in matlab but I did not have any luck finding a function that would fit to my data.
KSSV on 18 Feb 2020
What you are looking for is cannot expect the same result as you have shown.
Raheema Al Karim Damani
Raheema Al Karim Damani on 18 Feb 2020
oh yes, can you advise me on what kind of function I could use with this plot, to gather the extrapolated points?

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Monisha Nalluru
Monisha Nalluru on 4 Mar 2020
In order to get the second plot, Pre-processing of data is required. The pre-processed data then can be applied with the functions from Curve Fitting Toolbox such as cfit,sfit etc. After getting the fitting use those co-efficient to get the new signal intensity.
Also refer the following links:
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Raheema Al Karim Damani
Raheema Al Karim Damani on 13 Mar 2020
Thank you for your response. Can you elaborate what you mean by pre-processing the data? I tried using cfit but I was not able to find any function that would fit my graph.
I was trying to use the slmengine function but I did not have much luck with it. From this graph, I am trying to extract area under curve which is why I do not just simply want to plot arbitrary points to complete the curve.

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