How to plot fixed value for a number of ranges splited by a fixed step size in MATLAB?

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How to plot the figure in the image given below?

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Giuseppe Inghilterra
Giuseppe Inghilterra on 17 Feb 2020
you can obtain your plot by using 'bar' matlab function (reference:
For example if you run the following lines:
x = -1.5:0.1:1.5;
y = zeros(1,31);
y(10) = 0.8;
y(15) = 0.6;
you obtain the following plot:
The 3rd input argument of bar function specify the width of each bar. In this case it is set to 0 in order to obtain your plot.
Then you can control label of x-axis and y-axis by using xlabel and ylabel function (example: xlabel('Coefficient value'), ylabel('Distribution') and set axes limits by using xlim, ylim functions.
Giuseppe Inghilterra
Giuseppe Inghilterra on 18 Feb 2020
y(10) is just an example. You fill x and y with your data.
If you see reference link for bar MATLAB function you can find interesting example where you can customize bar plot. Ex: you can specify facecolor, edgecolor by giving RGB values.
Heya :)
Heya :) on 29 Feb 2020
Can you please tell me why i am getting this error that (x should be the same length as y in the following program? I have checked the lengths and both are 19.
close all; clear all; clc;
x = -9:1:9;
y = zeros(2,20);

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