Plotting the stellar IMF and setting for loop conditions

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Hi all, I'm trying to plot the stellar IMF using MATLAB and want to transfer the following Pyhon code:
m = logspace(-2, 2, 400);
def chabrier03individual(m):
k = 0.158 * exp(-(-log(0.08))**2/(2 * 0.69**2))
return numpy.where(m <= 1,\
0.158*(1./m) * exp(-(log(m)-log(0.08))**2/(2 * 0.69**2)),\
This is my attempt:
%% chabrier03individual
k1=0.158*exp(-(-log(0.08))^2/(2 * 0.69^2))
for j=m
u=0.158*(1./m).*exp(-(log(m)-log(0.08)).^2/(2 * 0.69^2));
for m=1
v = k1*m^(-2.3);

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