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Ho do i insert 0 to a data based on a condition

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I have a 1 Hz table with timestamps and number. This table has NaNs. When i removed NaNs from the number column. My difference (duration) in time is now 1 seconds, 30 seconds, 50 seconds and so on. I want to insert zeroes to number column where the duration is more than 20 seconds.the zeroes should be equal to the seconds of the duration because eventually it's a 1 second data. I tried using interpolation. It's not helping. Can anyone suggest something here?
I used pchip because we can use pchip to insert any number.
New_number = zeros(size(data,1), 1);
complete_timestamps = data{:,1};
% Collapse to remove all NaNs values
real_index = find(~isnan(data.number));
timestamps_data_points = complete_timestamps(real_index);
for iii=2:size(timestamps_data_points)-1
if dt(iii)>= seconds(15)
New_number(:,1)= interp1(timestamps_data_points,number_data_points,complete_timestamps,'pchip',0);

Answers (1)

Guillaume on 29 Jan 2020
Rather than removing the NaNs and trying to fill afterward wouldn't you be better served by replacing the NaNs using interpolation for example? For this, you have fillmissing:
filleddata = fillmissing(data, 'pchip', 'DataVariables', 'number'); %you may not need to specify the DataVariables if all your table contain is timestamp and number


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