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error loading spdfcdfread?

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Megha on 27 Jan 2020
Moved: Matt J on 4 May 2024
I have been using cdf patch, since years, in different PCs/Laptops. However, something went on very unusual this time in my new device.
It is able to run "spfdcdfinfo" but shows error while running "spdfcdfread".
The error is like:
Error using spdfcdfreadc
Error issued from CDF library: "NO_CDF_SELECTED: A CDF has not been selected."
Error in spdfcdfread (line 615)
[xdata, dummy] = spdfcdfreadc(filename, args.Variables{p}, ...
Error in o2 (line 17)
data = spdfcdfread(['omni_hro2_1min_', year, month, '01_v01.cdf']);
This patch is avialble on NASA's cdaweb. I use windows 64 bit version available under:
I made it sure that "spdfcdfreadc" mexw64 file is under the same directory as my matlab path.
Can anyone please help?
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on 29 Aug 2022
Moved: Matt J on 4 May 2024
I have encountered a problem similar to yours. Have you solved this problem?

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