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Romoving Matlab date format from the X ticks of a plotyy figure.

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Dear Matlab users,
I became able to arrange the mm-yyyy format on the x-tick of the plotyy, but simultaneously the matlab date format (i.e. 728295, 728326, 728354 and so on) is coming on the x-tick which I want to remove.
When I tried with set(gca,'xtick',[])
set(gca,'xticklabel',[]), the entire mm-yyyy x ticks are removing rather than the matlab dates, but here only I want to remove only the matlab date format from the x ticks, not the mm-yyyy format.
For your convenience, I attached my sample data and code. Please find attachments.
A valuable help on the removal of only matlab date format from the x-ticks of the plotyy will be highly appreciated.
Thank you very much for your time.

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