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Exact string match to confirm the string existence in the file

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Bhaskar R
Bhaskar R on 17 Dec 2019
Commented: Bhaskar R on 17 Dec 2019
Hi all,
Could you find the exact string match in the input file?
I am unable get exact match of the sting in the read file, i tried this using strfind command, but could not get what i want.
My case is as follows,
Input file has data, out of it I need to find specific exact string in the file, suppose my input file name is input_data.txt and the data
>> txt = fileread('input_data.txt')
>> txt =
'var_abc = 12;
var_abcd = 20;
var_xyz = 30;
var_xy = 152;
var_abcxyz = 142;'
In this data i need to confirm specific string is present or not in the file.
Suppose i want to search the string var_ab in the file it's giving me
strfind(t, 'var_ab')
ans =
1 16 62
but it is finding strings within other strings, here I need to search only exact specific string var_ab
If the specificr string is present in the file, it should return true/value/string else an empty/false output
strfind(t, 'var_ab')
ans =

Accepted Answer

Stephen on 17 Dec 2019
Edited: Stephen on 17 Dec 2019
>> txt = fileread('input_data.txt');
>> spl = regexp(txt,'\w+','match');
>> any(strcmp('var_ab',spl(1:2:end)))
ans = 0
>> any(strcmp('var_abc',spl(1:2:end)))
ans = 1

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Shunichi Kusano
Shunichi Kusano on 17 Dec 2019
Hi Bhaskar,
how about including space in the reference string? For your case, 'var_ab ', not 'var_ab'.
I wonder if I could catch your point.
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Bhaskar R
Bhaskar R on 17 Dec 2019
Yes, it may include but i used string trim. Stephen Cobeldick's answer helped.
Thanks for the reply.

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