Simulation Data Inspector - set axes limits programmatically

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I like to use the Simulation Data Inspector in Simulink to display simulation results. Is there a way to set the plot axes limits of an existing plot programmatically?
If you have to focus on a certain area of the results for different simulation runs frequently, it is tedious to always right-click the plot, click on "Visualization settings" and edit the values to get exact axes limits.

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Arvind R.
Arvind R. on 14 Apr 2021
The ability to programitically change limits in Simulation Data Inspector is now available R2021a onwards.
Here are the links to the documentation -

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Hari Veerubhotla
Hari Veerubhotla on 16 Sep 2020
Currently, there is no such support in Simulink Data Inspector where you could set the axes limits for a plot in Simulation Data Inspector programmatically using an API.
Axes limits can only be set from UI
Concerned development team is aware of this and API support will be considered for future releases
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Andres on 18 Sep 2020
Thanks for your reply. I hope for this usability enhancement.

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