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Contour Plot with trace

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jojo on 26 Nov 2019
Commented: jojo on 26 Nov 2019
How can I plot the following data onto a contour instead?
close all;
clear all;
syms x
f=@(x) -100.*(x(2)-x(1).^2).^2+ (1-x(1)).^2;
x0=[-9, 1];
options=optimset('display', 'iter', 'TolX',1e-6);
%options = optimset('PlotFcns',@optimplotfval);
x=fminsearch(f, x0, options)
a= %need help pulling this from fminsearch [a,b,c]=fminsearch(f,x0,options] ???
b=%need help pulling this from fminsearch
fcontour(f, 'Fill', 'On');
hold on;
xlim([-50 50]);
ylim([0 45]);plot
I would like to plot the point (a,b) for which the function is minimum on a contour tracing convergence towards the center.
jojo on 26 Nov 2019
Updated post. I meant (a,b). y would be x(2) in the function handle definition. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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