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"NumBins" error when using fitcsvm, setting at least one hyperparameter to optimize, and specifying Nu

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If I use fitcsvm with setting Nu and specifying at least one parameter to optimize, I get a non-informative error.
Here's sample code that will trigger the error:
features = [10;10;3;2];
labels = [1;1;0;0];
optHyp = hyperparameters('fitcsvm', features, labels)
optHyp(1).Optimize = true;
fitcsvm(features, labels ,'Nu',0.3, 'OptimizeHyperparameters',optHyp);
Here's the error I get:
This happens no matter what Nu value I set between 1 and 0, with different sets of features and labels, and with different hyperparameters getting set to optimize.
Furthermore, there is no user input called NumBins or similar for the classifier or the hyperparameters.
Also, the documentation doesn't show any dependence relationship between Nu and other parameters.
Anyone know what's going on here?

Accepted Answer

Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash on 26 Nov 2019
Looks like there is a bug here. I have brought this issue to the notice of our developers. They will investigate the matter further.

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