store mask created from roipoly on scans running in for loop, in new variable

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I have a series of mri scans stored in a 256 x256 x 19 variable. Each scan in the series has a different ROI that I want to mask out using roipoly. Is there a way that I can turn this code into a for loop to mask out the roi and store the output mask eg. tumor1, tumor2, tumor3 for each scan in a separate variable after each iteration?
[tumor2, x2, y2] = roipoly(segmentT2Flair(:,:,2));
[tumor3, x3, y3] = roipoly(segmentT2Flair(:,:,3));
[tumor4, x4, y4] = roipoly(segmentT2Flair(:,:,4));
[tumor5, x5, y5] = roipoly(segmentT2Flair(:,:,5));
% mask over tumor ROI
%segment_mask = poly2mask(xi, yi, 256, 256); %creates a mask based on dimensions
segment_mask = cat(3,tumor1, tumor2, tumor3, tumor4, tumor5, tumor6, tumor7, tumor8, tumo
for i = numslices:-1:1
[tumor(i), xi, yi] = roipoly(SegmentT2Flair(:,:,i)); %when i run this it only saves the mask and dimensions of the last slice not the 18 before
for i: numslices:-1:1 %in this loop the images are outputted as jpg but not stored in matlab array and dimensions are not stored
[tumor] = roipoly(SegmentT2Flair(:,:,i))
filename = ['Segmented', num2str(i), '*.jpg']
saveas(1, filename);
hold off

Accepted Answer

Edited: KALYAN ACHARJYA on 1 Nov 2019
You can store the mask in cell array and later call any mask as per requiremnets.
n=?? % define
for i=1:n
%Mask generation, say mask_data
Noy you can any mask as later say mask{1}, mask{2}, so on.....

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