Is there a way to use Mechanics Explorer's camera object frames in the image processing algorithms?

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As title suggests, is there a way to use Mechanics Explorer's camera object in the image processing issues. For example suppose that, we are in Simscape > Multibody environment. There are two obstacles and one vehicle. We would like to control and steer this vehicle to pass from the gap between these two obstacles. Is it possible to feedback and use frames in an image processing algorithm for obstacle detection that are generated by vehicle mounted camera object.

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 23 Nov 2022
Through release R2022b, you cannot directly output the visualization from the Mechanics Explorer to a video processing algorithm live in the simulation. Options you can use for a workaround include:
  1. Save the animation to a video file and do your video processing as a separate step.
  2. Take measurements from your Simscape Multibody model and route them to another visualization environment, such as Unreal via Simulink 3D Animation, or simply a MATLAB Figure window, where you have the relevant pieces of the environment modeled.


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