Change value of Simulink parameter inside of test harness to test two different variant subsystems

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Samir Revelo
Samir Revelo on 25 Oct 2019
Commented: Samir Revelo on 29 Oct 2019
I need help to adapt simulink parameter EST_REF_VEL_RBT_MODE_CFG in test harness, so that I can test inside test harness (different ones are also possible) the variants shown below:
I am not able to change the value of the Simulink parameter since I get error
Constant or Parameter data EST_REF_VEL_RBT_MODE_CFG on left hand side of an expression.
as shown below:
How is it possible to adapt the given parameter value inside of test harness?
Thanks in advance.
Samir Revelo

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 25 Oct 2019
Just change the value of EST_REF_VEL_RBT_MODE_CFG. When its value is 1, ERVRBTModeHandling is activated. When the value is not 1, ERVNoRBTMode is activated. That is how Variant Subsystem works.
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Samir Revelo
Samir Revelo on 29 Oct 2019
Thanks for your reply.
I know how Variant Subsystem works.
The real issue is that I´m not able to edit EST_REF_VEL_RBT_MODE_CFG inside of any test harness containing any assertion block as already mentioned above (I get the mentioned error message).
A method different from trying to access the value (which is a simulink parameter value) directly from the test harness is needed for the validation test of corresponding variant part to work.

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