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How to simultaneously network boot with two different targets

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I'm trying to network boot two different target machines running two different simulink models. I am hoping to configure the network boot once and then allow the targets to connect to the network boot server any time either one restarts.
Following the instructions from the network boot page, it appears that only one target can be set to network boot at a time. I'm wondering if it is possible to allow for two targets to network boot at any given time?
Current setup (On the same system)
Matlab1 sets up to network boot Target1
target_object1 = SimulinkRealTime.getTargetSettings('Target1');
Matlab2 sets up to network boot Target2
target_object2 = SimulinkRealTime.getTargetSettings('Target2');
This does not seem to allow for both targets to network boot, only the last Matlab to run will allow for its target to boot. Is there a way to configure the network boot server to communicate with multiple targets / MAC addresses, or any other alternative method to allow for multiple target network boots? I'm hoping only to configure each Matlab once and to avoid having to reconfigure the specific Matlab to network boot the specific target each time any target resets.
I'm using Matlab 2019b, Windows 10
Bonus question
Is there a way to specify the location of a previously created network boot batch file?

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