overlay mask on sequence of mri images to mark out tumor ROI

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I created a mask based on one frame to mark out my ROI region.
segment_mask = poly2mask(xi, yi, 256, 256);
Is there a way I can overlay this mask onto my sequence of frames stored in a 3d array(256 x 256 x #of frames)?

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Daniel M
Daniel M on 19 Oct 2019
Edited: Daniel M on 19 Oct 2019
maskedImg = imgArray.*segment_mask;
% segment_mask is size [256,256]
% maskedImg is same size as imgArray
[256, 256, #of frames]
If you are using an older version of Matlab you may have to use bsxfun().
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Oct 2019
Like this:
% Mask the image using bsxfun() function to multiply the mask by each channel individually.
maskedImage3d = bsxfun(@times, image3d, cast(mask, 'like', image3d));

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