Warning while saving object of class

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Gerrit on 15 Oct 2019
Hello all: I have been given a script 'scriptName.m' that includes the following four lines of code:
hws = get_param(bdroot, 'modelworkspace');
hws.DataSource = 'MAT-File';
hws.FileName = 'filename_xyz';
On execution of the script, I get the following warning, repeated several times:
Warning: While saving an object of class 'matlabshared.scopes.UnifiedScope':
Method 'saveobj' is not defined for class 'matlabshared.scopes.UnifiedScope'
or is removed from MATLAB's search path.
> In scriptName (line 145)
Line 145 is the last line "hws.saveToSource;" of the four lines quoted above.
I cannot find any information in the help or online on what this warning means or what causes it, and thus on how I may avoid it. Does anyone know of any documentation relating to this warning message? The term 'scopes' suggests that it is related to a Simulink model, which is plausible, but is that true? Thanks in advance.

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