Dir on UNIX does not return .folder subfield

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I am trying to use a matlab script built in windows on linux . Use of the dir command does not return the .folder subfield (though it returns the others without issue), and unfortunately I can't find much information on this. I am also accessing via a remote connection to a computer cluster, so am not sure if it is most likely related to this or the use of matlab on unix (or maybe it is becase the version is 2016a on linux system vs. 2019a I am using on windows). Could anyone inform as to why this might occur/advise on any workarounds?
Many Thanks.

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Stephen23 on 6 Oct 2019
This has nothing to do with Unix vs. Windows OS. The feature of recursive folder searching and returning the folder was introduced in R2016b:
For earlier versions you can try some of the FEX submissions that perform recursive folder searches:

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