Two PIDs in simulink for Arduino

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sahil yadav
sahil yadav on 17 Sep 2019
Commented: Arun Kumar on 25 Sep 2019
Hey I am trying to build a feedback control model in Simulink having more than one PIDs which is supposed to run on Arduino based hardware. In doing so I soon realised that two PIDs wont work as arduino doesn't support two integrators block. In the attached file I have tried to re-create the error. The error is hardware specific and needs to be running on an arduino device. Error message : error: unable to find a register to spill in class 'POINTER_REGS'
Is there something that I may have missed? Thanks
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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 25 Sep 2019
Hi Sahil,
What version of MATLAB are you using?

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