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Trajectory input manipulation for Simulink model

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Hy there,
I would like to simulate a truck following a path, which is defined by multiple point in a fixed xy plane (simplified from GPS coordinates).
Lets assume that i already have a mathematical model, which can calculate steering angle based on the following inputs:
  • lateral error between a vehicle-based point and the path point (which varies with time)
  • vehicle orientation error, which is the difference between the truck's heading angle and the path tangential in the specified point
My question is, how could I manipulate the input of the model using the given path informations (points)?
The path can be calculated using pre-defined informations, no need for real time calculation. The truck will follow plantation lines.
So the truck needs to follow a set of points, but the reference point is varying with time, and I don't know how to teach the model to follow a specific point, and how to define which point to follow at a specific time.
I would like to solve this in Simulink.
Sorry for foggy explanation, if something is not clear, please ask.
Thanks for your help in addition.
Gergely Hunyady

Answers (2)

Abhisek Pradhan
Abhisek Pradhan on 20 Sep 2019
Driving Scenario Designer can be used to simulate driving systems. Set the waypoints to specify the desired path. To dynamically set the waypoints, store the value in an array and change the value in every iteration.
Controller.Waypoints = newpath;
Refer the following link for more information on steering control.

Gergely Hunyady
Gergely Hunyady on 23 Sep 2019
I do not have Driving Scenario Designer, and I need to be more scientific, because this is my thesis (Bachelors)


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