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how to catch when a figure was minimized

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Jan Keij
Jan Keij on 12 Sep 2019
Commented: Jan Keij on 13 Sep 2019
I am writing a to-be standalone for semi-commercial use on a dedicated laptop and want to pervent the user to get to the desktop and into the PC from there. My problem is that I cannot seem to pervent the user from minimizing the main GUI figure. I can block resizing, and I can catch&prevent an effort to close the figure via 'CloseRequestFcn', but I cannot find a trick to catch minimizing. 'SizeChangedFcn' works after the fact only. If there is a way that I could constantly pole for the minimized state and restore it that would be an acceptable workaround.
Yes, I did find Jan Simon's WindowAPI to supersize the figure, but that seems require compilation of C code and I have not done that before Am hoping for alternatives.

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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 Sep 2019
Make the figure window 'fullscreen'?
f = figure('WindowState', 'fullscreen');


Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Sep 2019
That usually permits mousing against the upper boundary of the screen to bring up the system toolbar and then minimize MATLAB.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 12 Sep 2019
It didn't when I tried it on my Windows machine running release R2019a. I have not tried using a different OS or a different release.
Jan Keij
Jan Keij on 13 Sep 2019
Yes! Thank you Steve & Walter. "Fullscreen" did the trick for R2019a.
When I execute: h= uifigure(1); h.Menubar= 'none'; h.ToolBar = 'none'; h.windowState= 'fullscreen', the 3 icons are no longer visible. I tried 'mousing' against the upper boundary and I could not get to the minimimize icon. So far, so good
However.... When I excute the command sequence above, I get a 'message' at the top of the screen "Press ESC to exit full-screen mode".
This solution does move the needle, but this solution does not seem bullet-proof. CTRL + F11 or pressing 'ESC' anywhere in my program will still allow the user to minimize, even with h.Resize= 'off'.
Gents - any further suggestions?
Steve - why does MW not consider 'minimize' a resize action? Can I override the 'ESC'?
Many Thanks,

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