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How to convert Temperature maps into rgb images

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Ioanna Thoma
Ioanna Thoma on 12 Sep 2019
Commented: Image Analyst on 13 Sep 2019
I am using satellite derived temperature values and I want to convert them to rgb so that I can perform superpixels clustering. I am trying to have the rgb values for each pixel (of the colormap). What do you suggest me to do?

Accepted Answer

darova on 12 Sep 2019
This should work
n = 100; % number of colors
mycolor = jet(n); % create a colormap
index = interp1([Tmin Tmax],[1 n],Tcur); % get index for current temperature
index = round(index);
mycolor(index,:) % color of a pixel
Let me know if it doesn't work
I am collecting reputation points to be the best here. Can you please help me and accept the answer?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Sep 2019
Well Walter, unless you can continue from the afterlife, to stay in the lead you'd better get to work on that AI answerer robot that can answer posts automatically long after you're gone.

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