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How do you append to a matrix within a for loop when the matrices are unequal in size?

Asked by Krish Gupta on 29 Aug 2019
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on 29 Aug 2019
N=input("How many matrices you want to enter?")
for a=1:N
m=input(' give the no. of columns:')
n=input(' give the no. of rows:')
for i=1:n
for j=1:m
C(i,j)=input("Give a number:")
% I want to get the two matrices, as input,[1 2;3 4] and [5 7 8; 6 9 10] stored in another array
%MY program above takes the input for the two matrices
% I want to store those two input matrices in some data type
% Suggest me how to do it
% the last line for D1 shows error for uneuqual sized matrices while it works for equal sized matrices

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Is there any other methods at taking input for matrices?

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1 Answer

Answer by James Tursa
on 29 Aug 2019
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Maybe you could use a cell array. E.g.,
D1 = cell(1,N);
for a=1:N
D1{a} = C;
Then the first matrix is D1{1}, the second matrix is D1{2}, etc.


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