Find unique or duplicate cells in cell array of chars

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If I have a cell array of cells containing strings such as:
A = {{'A', 'B', 'C'}, {'C', 'D', 'E'}, {'A', 'B', 'C'}, {'C', 'B', 'A'}}
how can I find which cells are duplicates of each other? Or conversely, how can I find which cells are unique?
In this example, the duplicate cells are A(1) and A(3), while the rest are unique.

Accepted Answer

Jos (10584)
Jos (10584) on 29 Aug 2019
A = {{'A', 'B', 'C'}, {'C', 'D', 'E'}, {'A', 'B', 'C'}, {'C', 'B', 'A'}}
N = arrayfun(@(k) sum(arrayfun(@(j) isequal(A{k}, A{j}), 1:numel(A))), 1:numel(A))
unique_elements = A(N==1)
duplicated_elements = A(N>1)

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