I have some questions about Stewart Platform with Simulink

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Hello, I'm trying to simulate Stewart Platform using Simulink.
So I made a Stewart Plaform 3D model with Solid Works and transform files to 'slx'.
However, It was hard to make controll system for me, I refered Matlab example sm_import_stewart_platform.
After finishing Simulink modeling, I'm changing values appropriately to my System. While doing this, I have questions about values.
When you open 'Leg Trajectory' of Stewart Plaform(sm_import_stewart_platform), you can find 'pos_base', 'nominal leg length'.
I guessed that 'pos_base' was leg postion and 'nominal leg length' was initial leg length. I adjusted values with m-files which be created
when transforming 3d model to xml. But result was vey terrible. Platform moved peculiarly.
Then, my supposition was not correct? Or I mistaked to model system??
I attatched my files, PLEASE answer my question. 캡처.PNG
(Open files HexapodAssembly_new2.slx)

Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 23 Nov 2022
If you modify the lengths of the legs, it is quite possible the controller will no longer work properly. The controller may be trying to reach a point that is no longer kinematically possible. It is not easy to know exactly what you attempted, but I would expect changing the leg lengths to affect the controller performance.


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