fitcsvm not converging with large dataset

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This will be a very vague question so I don't suppose it can really be answered. After hours of trying to solve the issue I must give it a try..
I have 3 fitcsvm (each for one column) running on a dataset (array) 3012000x4. When I do not add noise to the data I have no issues - all SVM converges.
If noise is added the convergece depends on the size of the dataset. If I run fitcsvm using the whole dataset - two SVM converge & one does not converge. If use a reduced daset (e.g. 2500000x4) - all SVMs converge.
Any ideas on what I can look into to solve this issue?
Thank you,
Aleksander Tyczynski
Aleksander Tyczynski on 16 Aug 2019
I changed the 'IterationLimit' by an order of magnitude and it now converges. Thank you

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