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Reference Tracking//DC Drive

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Nabil Mederbel
Nabil Mederbel on 1 Aug 2019
Answered: Keyur Mistry on 25 Nov 2020
Hello everyone,
i am working on a design of a controller for DC Drive. the closed loop has a negative state feedack using LQR method and a PID controller.
with reference speed set to 20 rad/s, i have two issues that i could not solve since days
  1. the system response doen not change whatever tuning of PID or feedback gain are changed
  2. the signal diamensions cannot be adjusted by changing the gain multiplication parameters
  3. why the steady state speed is not 20 rad/ s but 35 rad/s unstead ?
Thank you for your feedback.
*sampling time 14 ms (no alliasing)

Answers (1)

Keyur Mistry
Keyur Mistry on 25 Nov 2020
Please refer to PID Controller block which will give efficient result. Also please refer to following link to use LQR method in Simulink:-

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