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changing windows font leaves MATLAB UI unreadable

Asked by Sanjoy Saha on 30 Jul 2019
Latest activity Answered by Chidvi Modala on 13 Aug 2019
Recently i changed my windows default font from segoe to candara. After changing the system font MATLAB UI becomes unrecognizable. I tried and changed the MATLAB font to candara and then change the windows font again, guess what? No luck. Can anyone please help?


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1 Answer

Answer by Chidvi Modala on 13 Aug 2019

I am assuming that you changed MATLAB font to Candara through preferences>>Fonts which enables you to change font of Current Folder, Workspace, Variables, Function Browser, Command Window, Command History, Editor
It seems like changing MATLAB font to Candara worked, which is reflecting in the Current Folder window. The one which is unrecognizable seems to be different language which you might have changed. You can refer to Change language of MATLAB UI
Restart your system after applying necessary changes.


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