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Hello Everyone,
I have clipped the AC_Data for reference.
I want to define two conditions, if in column 3, value of cell is 0.0, the following rows should be equal to 0 and if 1.0 comes than the value of following cells should be 1.0 until 0.0. it should follow.
But i don't know how to code this. I tried finding empty cells but i don't know how to limit code for above two conditions.
Any help would be appreciated :-)
Waqar Ali Memon

Accepted Answer

Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov on 25 Jul 2019
T = cell2table(AC);
T.AC3 = str2double(T.AC3);
T_out = fillmissing(T,'previous');
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Waqar Ali Memon
Waqar Ali Memon on 25 Jul 2019
Thank you so much Andrei Bobrov, it works :-)

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