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Hello everyone,
I am trying to collect data from two type of sensors: GRF from a Force Plate and accelerometric data from XSENS Awinda station. The two hardware are connected to the PC using USB connections and using a BNC cable and the proprietary software from XSENS it is possible to setting a trigger in order to start and synchronize the acquisitions from the two devices. However since i have to develop a GUI for managing the entire system i had to face with the problem of using the XSENS SDK for Matlab and i can not understand how to setting the trigger by code.
In this sense, i thought about two possible work-around.
  1. setting two different data acquisition sessions in parallel (one for accelerometers, one for force plate using daq) and use a global variable as a trigger between the two callback functions for avaiable data;
  2. open a daq session without continous sampling, open the XSENS acquiring session and inside the latest use a inputsingle scan from the first one in order to register simultaneously accelerations, orientations and force signals;
My question is which is the most reliable solution ? using the first one i'm not sure about the possible conflicts between the two session in parallel, while for the second i'm not sure if putting too much acquisitions inside the same calllback could influence the sampling frequency which is setted at 50 Hz for each devices.
In the second case I was also thinking to use the timer functions tic and toc to obtain a timestamp for each acquisition in order to:
  1. register signal from XSENS;
  2. register signal from daq
  3. register timestamp;
Does someone have some advice about possible ways or examples to triggering via software ?
Thanks in advance for the help.

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