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How can I change the retime function in order to do a median(A,'omitnan')?

Asked by Mara Meggiorin on 18 Jul 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Steven Lord
on 18 Jul 2019
Hi, I would like to use retime to calculate monthly median.
I tried to use median as a function and it works if I do not specify anything but I I want to add 'omitnan' it does not work.
It gives:
retime(Liv_dom_an, 'monthly', @median(Liv_dom_an{:,:},'omitnan'))
Error: Unbalanced or unexpected parenthesis or bracket.
I tried creating a specific function but I'm not able to make it works.


I would find a way to access the code for this function, copy it to a workspace and essentially edit it to create your own function to do what you want it do to.
What is Liv_dom_an? can you share the data and explain what kind of output you want to obtain?
Mario Chiappelli: please don't make copies of MathWorks functions, especially where there's a way (as Akira Agata showed) to accomplish the task without doing so. That can lead to confusion where the modified function behaves differently than the unmodified function later on, after you've forgotten that you modified the function.

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Answer by Akira Agata
on 18 Jul 2019
 Accepted Answer

How about the following?
retime(Liv_dom_an, 'monthly', @(x) median(x,'omitnan'))

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