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Avoid for loop to increase processing in image processing.

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I have three matrices
labelism is nr x nc binary matrix
colorim is nr x nc x 3 RGB matrix
and skin_img is also nr x nc x 3 RGB matrix with initially all the zeros on it (black image)
I want to use the labelism matrix to create skin_img matrix from colorim matrix.
Following is the code giving perfectly fine answer
for i = 1:nr
for j = 1:nc
if (labelim(i,j) == 1)
skin_img(i,j,:) = colorim(i,j,:);
But it is slow for big size images. Is there any way to avoid for loop?


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Accepted Answer

Alex Mcaulley
Alex Mcaulley on 10 Jul 2019
Edited: Alex Mcaulley on 10 Jul 2019
It is just masking your RGB image. Isn't it?
skin_img = repmat(labelism,[1,1,3]).*colorim;

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Muhammad Farhan  Mughal
Muhammad Farhan Mughal on 10 Jul 2019
Thank you Alex, yes it was about masking. The processing speed has increased a lot.
Thanks again

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