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Sanjay Manohar
Sanjay Manohar on 5 Jul 2019
Commented: Guillaume on 5 Jul 2019
I'm calling a function that I stored in a structure as a function handle. I get the following error
Unable to find function @(p1)forwardsModel(params) within /media
with identifier:
identifier: 'MATLAB:dispatcher:UnableToResolveHiddenFunction'
The structure is created in file fit3.m:
function result = fit3
for i=1:N
for j=1:M
params = createParameters(i,j);
result{i}(j).forwardsModel = @(p1)forwardsModel(params,p1)
[result{i)(j).optimP, result{i}(j).optimNLL] = ...
fmincon( result{i}(j).forwardsModel, zeros(1,NP) );
function negloglikelihood = forwardsModel(p,u)
... % calculate likelihood of model
I create the functions like this
result = fit3; % this works fine
save fit3_functions result % this works fine
then later I retrieve the fits
load fit3_functions % this works fine too
The I call
x = result{1}(1).forwardsModel(p0_actual);
and get the above error. I am not sure exactly what conditions reproduce this problem, as it sometimes works.
Any thoughts on
  • what this error means,
  • why it might be triggered in this situation, and
  • how I might avoid it happening?
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Guillaume on 5 Jul 2019
does loading with:
matcontent = load('fit3_functions');
result = matcontent.result;
x = result{1}(1).forwardsModel(p0_actual);
fix the problem?
If not, what is the output of

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