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Accessing the indicies of an element of matrix in cell array

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Hey all,
Hope this time i will get a solution to my problem at least.
A = {[22,40,46],['Node22';'Node40';'Node46'] };
s = 40
% may be conversion need here to get only row and col. P = cell2mat(A{1});
%nA = numel(A);
n = 50;
Match = cell(1, n);
for i = 1:n
[row,col] = find(P == s,1);
%match{iA} = [row,col];
Here How can I access the row and col, for an example I need to get row and col separately or together when the number is 40
i.e P(1,2)
I think it is possible by converting cell2mat(A{1}). I just need to get the row and col elements of first matrix in a cell array. for an example A = [1 2 3 5], we can get the idex of 5 is A(1,4). But I am not an expert to figure it out how it is?
I don't know whether it is weird question or not!
Thanks in advance

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