Ill-conditioned cross section general flexible beam

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I am modelling a beam in bending using a general flexible beam.
I want to give it a I (or H) cross section using the code below. However it keeps on giving me the same error:
The sectional properties computation is ill-conditioned for the specified cross-section. This might be due to overlapping or very close edges. Resolve this issue in order to simulate the model.
CMat_I = [ 0.1 -0.05 % 1
0.1 -0.2 % 2
0.15 -0.2 % 3
0.15 0.2 % 4
0.1 0.2 % 5
0.1 0.05 % 6
-0.1 0.05 % 7
-0.1 0.2 % 8
-0.15 0.2 % 9
-0.15 -0.2
-0.1 -0.2
-0.1 -0.05
davide ambrosi
davide ambrosi on 19 Dec 2019
I have the same problem with Extr_Data_Box function to model the cross section of the flexible beam. I somehow managed to resolve it by modeling a slightly opened profile: it's like the box profile but cutted, so it's an open line.
But I'd prefer to use the right profile, so I hope they'll solve this problem at MathWorks

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Answers (1)

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 23 Nov 2022
I just tested this extrusion profile in the General Flexible Beam block and it generated no warnings in R2022b. This may work in previous releases. The extrusion as defined does not look problematic at all, though, so I am surprised warnings were generated.

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