"Not enough input arguments" error using add_line()

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Lucas S
Lucas S on 28 Jun 2019
Commented: Lucas S on 28 Jun 2019
Hello !
I'm trying to use add_line() function and to organize link with the 'autorouting' parameter. Here is my code :
add_line(sprintf('%s',diagrammeName), [pos_array_out{pos_out};pos_array_in{pos_in}], 'autorouting','on');
where pos_array_out is a cell of Output position and pos_array_in is a cell of Input position.
And pos_in and pos_out are index of cell.
But it returns me an error :
Not enough input arguments
And i don't understnd why

Answers (1)

Stephen23 on 28 Jun 2019
Edited: Stephen23 on 28 Jun 2019
"...i don't understnd why"
Read the error message!
According to the add_line documentation you can supply these input arguments:
but in your code you have concatenated out and in into one array. Try this:
[pos_array_out{pos_out}],... OUT
[pos_array_in{pos_in}],... IN
Lucas S
Lucas S on 28 Jun 2019
I'm using this way of {add_line()function : h = add_line(sys,points)`

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