How to resize a system window

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Lucas S
Lucas S on 25 Jun 2019
Commented: Lucas S on 25 Jun 2019
Hello i would like to know how can i resize a system window.
I don't know why when i use open_system() my window is very little and i have to resize it manually each time i launch my script.
I tried to use 'Position' parameter in open_system() but doesn't exist.
Thanks you for helping !

Accepted Answer

Chinmay Anand
Chinmay Anand on 25 Jun 2019
set_param(gcs,'location',[47 100 1500 800]);
You can use the above code to change the screen size which is opened. But i don't know how useful it will be in your case. I think you can use set_param each time you use open_system.
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Lucas S
Lucas S on 25 Jun 2019
That's perfect thank you !

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