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how to disable the random partition in cvpartition?

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I'm trying to build a classification model, where I'm using the cvpartition function to 'HoldOut' a certain percentage of train and test data.
In my design, I want to train 50% and tst the rest. But the problem I'm facing is, it splits the data randomly which I don't want it to happen. I have 9000 rows, I want the first 4500 for train and the next 4500 for test.
How do I solve this? Here's my code :
partition = cvpartition(total.status, 'HoldOut', 0.5);
traindata = total(training(partition), :);
testdata = total(test(partition), :);
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Chinmay Anand
Chinmay Anand on 25 Jun 2019
I think if you don't want randomized data you can partition the data yourself. Something like what i have written below.
traindata = total(1:4500, :);
testdata = total(4501:9000, :);
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abhisrisai on 25 Jun 2019
Hi Chinmay,
Thank you for the suggestion, I shall try the same and let you know. Regards.

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