How to pass a Matrix of cell array as a input argument to a function

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Hey all,
I already asked this question in different way. But now I came up with my code instead of just explanation.
This is my user input matrix file:
function [Lambda, A, B, D] = Matrix_surendra13
n =7 ;
% Conductivity Matrix size preallocation
Lambda = ones(1,n);
% Area Matrix size preallocation
A = ones(n,n);
% Diameter matrix Size definition
D = ones (1,n);
%Width matrix Size definition
B = ones(1,n);
Lambda = [205 50.2 0.025893 79.5 0.180 7720 0.025893];
D = [ 55 55 0 55 0 55 0];
%Here you can see in cell array A , A{1,2} and A{2,1} are same. So I need to pass whole matrix as input arguments to the function in the slover.
A = { 0 [ 2375.80 4749.50 1457.25] 0 0 0 0 2375.80 ;
[ 2375.80 4749.50 1457.25] 0 2375.80 4749.50 0 0 1835.80;
0 2375.80 0 0 0 0 0;
0 4749.50 0 0 2375.80 4749.50 1835.80;
0 0 0 2375.80 0 0 0;
0 0 0 4749.50 0 0 2375.80 ;
2375.80 1835.80 0 1835.80 0 2375.80 0};
B = [ 25 30 0 20 0 35 0];
This is my solver:
function SampleModel13_Stat(Measuring_Data)
[Lambda, A, B, D] = Matrix_surendra13;
n = size(A,1);
m = size(A,2);
LA = zeros(n,m);
for i=1:n
for j=1:n
% for ii = 1: after colon, size of the matrix inside cell array
% for jj = 1: after colon size, of the matrix inside cell array, but I am not sure whether it is %correct or not to pass the matrix elements one by one at the same time.
%How to find the size of the matrix inside the cell array.
LA(i,j) = Leitwert_L_2_3(Lambda(i),Lambda(j), A{i,j}A(ii,jj), A{i,j}A(ii,jj), A{i,j}A(ii,jj), B(i),B(j));
LA(i,j)= Leitwert_L(Lambda(i), Lambda(j), A(i,j), B(i), B(j)); % this is fine for the rest of the things
I have two questions.
First one is, How to find the size of the matrix inside the cell array. may be using length(A{1,2}, I will get only the length of row elements. but not the size of the matrix or using numel.
Second one is How to pass all the arguments of the matrix of the cell array A{1,2}, to a function in the slover.
Like below
A{1,2}A(1,1), A{1,2}A(1,2), A{1,2}A(1,3) %first element of the matrix is for A{1,2}A(1,1) and same for rest of the things.
A{2,1}A(1,1), A{2,1}A(1,2), A{2,1}A(1,3)
I don't know whether it is possible using for loop or not, but I am trying it still.
I hope that explantion is enough, if you still need an explantion, I am ready to give.
Any suggestions and answers would be much appreciated
Thanks in Advance
surendra kumar Aralapura mariyappa
@Bob Nbob,
' When you say, 'pass the arguments,' I'm assuming that you mean the elements of a matrix. Do you want them passed individually, or the entire cell at the same time? '
I need to pass the elements of the matrix individually at the same time?
How can I accomplish this using for loop?
Can you just give me an hint to make it ?
Thanks in advance.

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Accepted Answer

Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 24 Jun 2019
In order to pass elements 'individually at the same time' you need to use something like parfor, which requires the parallel computing tool box, which is not something that I have any knowledge of. Is there a specific reason you need the individual elements at the same time, and not just sequentially?
If you are looking at them sequentially, then your four for loops will work fine, just use the size command I mentioned earlier.
for i = 1:size(A,1) % Each row of cells
for j = 1:size(A,2) % Each column of cells
for k = 1:size(A{i,j},1) % Row of cell contents
for m = 1:size(A{i,j},2) % Column of cell contents
tmp = A{i,j}(k,m);

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