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How to isolate one pulse from a periodic pulse train

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Hans123 on 20 Jun 2019
Commented: Star Strider on 20 Jun 2019
I want to isolate on pulse from this waveform, the data is in a CSV file and the 2 columns contain time data and voltage data.
I want to use a MATLAB code to trim out one full pulse (+peak,zero,-peak,zero)
How can I do this, the peak value is shown using the data cursor
Hans123 on 20 Jun 2019
If you can, can you explain a little further. I need only one pulse out of the 3 in the image. How can I isolate one pulse?

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 20 Jun 2019
One approach:
t = linspace(0, 2.3, 500); % Time Vector
pulses = -0.14*sign(sin(5*pi*t/2).*(abs(sin(5*pi*t/2))>0.9)) + rand(size(t))*0.005; % Create Waveform
Mv = pulses > 0.1; % Threshold
Mvs = strfind(Mv, [0 1]); % Start Of Each Pulse
Mve = strfind(Mv, [1 0])+1; % End Of Each Pulse
plot(t, pulses)
hold on
plot(t(Mvs(1):Mve(1)), pulses(Mvs(1):Mve(1)), '+')
hold off
Make appropriate changes to work with your signal.

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