Reading emails from multiple accounts using Outlook, also moving emails

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Hello. I am a long-time MATLAB user and have played with Outlook from MATLAB to great affect with very few commands.
I would like to do two things and I cannot seem to find out how.
1) I can access the "Outlook" inbox, but not the inboxes and folders of other accounts that I have in Outlook, e.g. my various email addresses of which I have a few, using this:
outlook = actxserver('Outlook.Application');
How can I access the other accounts?
2) I would like to move emails between accounts because I find the Outlook rules feature a bit clunky. Perhaps the MailItem.Move method can do this. Could someone help with this as well?
I am running MATLAB 2019a and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 on Windows 10 Professional.
Thanks in advance.
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Verena Schwachmeyer
Verena Schwachmeyer on 20 Aug 2019
I have exactly the same two questions and just cannot figure them out. Does anyone have an idea? I would be very grateful for any hint.
Sorry Michael that I cannot provide an answer. Did you get any further with this?
Kind regards,

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Pierre Harouimi
Pierre Harouimi on 24 Oct 2021
For the first need, please refer to this MATLAB Answer

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